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We provide first class technical and engineering services to hospitals, medical centres

Core Services

We utilise superior calibration instrumentation and testing equipment that has electronic recording and reporting capabilities. As Engineering and Electro-technology professionals, we exercise considerable skill, care and diligence in accordance with the ethics of the Engineering profession.

GoldMed Engineering Services are specialists in the provision of biomedical engineering and technical services to the medical industry. We offer a reliable and prompt on site service and can schedule a time convenient to you for our trained technicians and engineers to attend your premises to test, service, repair and recalibrate your equipment.

Should it be more convenient for your equipment to be serviced offsite, we also perform servicing and repair work from our workshop.

Servicing and Repair of Biomedical Equipment

We are experienced and qualified in the service and repair of a wide range of biomedical equipment such as infusion and syringe pumps, vital signs monitors, electrocardiographs, diathermy units, and anaesthetic equipment.

Servicing and Repair of Medical Gas Equipment

We offer a superior and reliable maintenance and repair service for a range of medical gas equipment, including anaesthetic machines, gas manifold systems, medical gas regulators and flow meters, and suction equipment.

Electrical Safety Testing

GoldMed are suitably qualified to conduct electrical safety testing for the entire range of biomedical equipment in accordance with Australian Standards. We can also provide cardiac-protected and body-protected area testing in hospitals.

Electrical and Gas Equipment Commissioning

In addition to the regular maintenance and servicing of your existing equipment, we also offer commissioning services for new equipment. Our engineers and technicians at GoldMed receive continual training in medical device technology and remain abreast of new developments in the industry.

Our considerable experience in the medical field means we are intimately familiar with a number of industries and environments and offer our technical and engineering services to the following industries:

  • Hospitals

  • Day Surgeries

  • Nursing Homes

  • Dentists

  • Government Departments

  • Veterinary Surgeons

When you engage the services of GoldMed, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of your existing equipment which is then monitored within our asset management system.